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QTAT BPO Solutions Inc


as your Mass Tort Vendor?

+ On Demand

365 days of uninterrupted connectivity and 24 hour service with day and night shifts. Dedicated project manager and business analyst for smooth transition.

+ Security

All our employees are proficient in HIPAA and HITECH policies. Our multilayer security system provides restricted access through appropriate physical and virtual firewalls. Most of our projects are processed through Virtual Private Networks (VPN's) which connect directly to our clients’ servers and eliminate any external access.

+ Medical Record Review

Our Physicians and Nurse consultants, with an expertise in medical record review, have worked on over 20 Mass Tort cases. Flexible and scalable teams ready to accommodate the complexity of Mass Tort Medical Record Review without the hassle of overhead. Chronologies, Mass Tort Matrix, Medical Summaries, and multiple work products at your fingertips.

+ Record Retrieval Support

Maintaining a call center is a pain point of the Record Retrieval Process. With our dedicated call center to handle facility verification, follow-up and tracking calls, you not only save on overall costs but also increase efficiency and productivity. While proper documentation and correspondence are key for the timely retrieval of records, establishing a clear line of communication and following the request trail is vital for faster turnaround times.

+ Robust Data Processing

Data processing is one of the most crucial parts in the Mass Tort Life Cycle. Whether you need support in any area, be it Medical, Agricultural, Wage dispute, or Workmen's Comp; we can provide scalable teams, round-the-clock operations, and flexible pricing! Our strong technical team enables us to be the perfect partners to handle all your data processing needs.

+ Achievements

QTAT has over a decade of experience providing litigation support services for over 150,000 mass tort cases. For example, in the Syngenta lawsuit alone, we extracted data from 6 million+ corn produce FSA 578 forms. On Workers Compensation lawsuits we have extracted and compiled wage details from over 40,000 payroll sheets. We have also done large manual data downloading projects through a US county web portal and extracted patient and hospital data for over 2 million hospital liens. QTAT has completed over 1 Million tasks for multiple para legal projects like Questionnaire Data Extraction, Case Packet Creation, SFC and PPF Form Filling etc. Proficient in working with multiple Litigation Softwares such as MR 8, Needles, NICE In-Contact and other custom softwares, we can find solutions for any data project you have!

QTAT BPO Solutions Inc.

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