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as your ITES Vendor?

+ Lower Costs & Higher Benefits

Access to our global talent pool ensures our clients a lower cost of services. These lower costs will directly impact your ROI. We offer a reduction in capital expenditure, infrastructure, and maintenance costs by a considerable margin! Instead of investing to expand the in-house workforce, clients outsource their business to us, and we provide a dedicated workforce.

+ Flexibility & Scalability

Let us help you change your cost structure from fixed to variable depending on project needs! Most of our services are offered on a fee-for-service basis. A variable cost helps our clients respond to changes very quickly and offers on-demand flexibility. If your business has operations with cyclical or seasonal demands, don't waste resources to train full or part time staff! Let QTAT provide you the opportunity to ramp up additional resources when you need it, and save costs when projects finish. No overhead, and complete flexibility!

+ Increased Efficiency & Productivity

How can your employees spend more time and energy in reviewing and completing tasks, rather than performing non-core operations or administrative processes?

QTAT can increase productivity by lessening the burden of auxiliary tasks. Using techniques such as agile project management we can optimize your timeline, and therefore decrease cost and meet project deadlines sooner.

+ Time Advantage

The most sought after benefit of working with QTAT is the ability to leverage global teams and multiple time zones! With our teams operating day and night your work product will arrive in less time than an in-house team alone can produce. This time advantage will enable your business to operate even while you’re fast asleep.

+ Reduced Risk

Periods of high employee turnover can create uncertainty and inconsistency in your business. Working with QTAT provides continuity while reducing risk. When our clients complete a project, the resources spent training our team are not lost. Our teams will carry with them the ability to adapt to the next project, and be available into future projects on demand. Companies can mitigate operational risks by keeping their processes stable even with high employee turnover.

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