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Design Services that are creative, functional and cost effective.

Simple but thoughtful designs brought to life with our clients vision at the heart of what we do.

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Amaze your customers with our creative designs

Service Offerings

Our team comprises of CAD engineers, designers and solution architects

Logo Design

Your logo is an important part of your brand identity. Enhance your customer experience by implementing a professional logo design that runs seamlessly in step with your brand. Our personal logo designers offer innovative, high quality logo solutions for your business.

Graphic Design

Our valued design craft adds content to communicate messages by applying visual hierarchy and page layout techniques. We focus on the logic of displaying elements in interactive designs. Designers use typography and pictures to meet user needs and optimize the user experience.

CAD Solutions

Architects and Drafters use CAD to design blueprints for buildings, bridges, roads. Our experienced software development professionals provide multiple CAD software services including 2D and 3D drafting. We create and transform existing drawings, blueprints, plans, and PDF files into a cleaner, more accurate, and full layered CAD format. We have global teams with overnight turnaround capability which most importantly reduces cost.

And many more!

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QTAT Advantage

It's time to stop struggling to manage in-house teams that can be expensive and hard to scale . Choose the experts.

  • Cost Effective

  • Companies reduce their project costs through global labor arbitrage. Utilizing QTAT's flexi-staff results in tremendous cost benefits in comparison to the wage costs associated with in-house teams.

  • Increased Flexibility

  • Employing a combination of our talent and in-house staff allows organizations to scale their capabilities in response to fluctuating workload. Our Flexi-Staff model makes it convenient for organizations to manage project variability without hiring additional staff. Our services allow you to quickly scale up for a project, without huge expenses or long-term commitments. Flexible staffing also reduces your overhead.

  • Access to trained professionals

  • Utilizing our services lessens the workload on in-house professionals and fills-in the gap for internal staffing. Access to a pool of talent that is ready to be deployed without hiring, training and knowledge transfer enables businesses to scale up or down as per project requirements.

  • Control of the project

  • It is easy to maintain control of your projects using our services. Managers are able to set project timelines and budget at the inception. Our agile project management methodologies allow for better control over project variables and risks.

  • Faster Turnaround Time

  • With QTAT, you can expand internal bandwidth to reduce turnaround time for pressing projects. The combination of off shore and on shore teams allows organizations to complete a project in a shorter time frame.

  • Round the clock services

  • By outsourcing your services to QTAT, businesses leverage the benefits that come with Global time zones. Not only can the pending work be completed while your team is asleep, you can also stay a step ahead of your competitors.

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